Here's a picture of the tutus and headbands I made for the Girl's Halloween costumes. They turned out beautifully -- in fact, Lauren won first prize in our community for her costume! Yes, it was a great ego booster for me.
I'm going to be adding Tutus to my Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks.
I've been busy the last week adding new items to my Etsy shop and taking advantage of the current rate before the changes on 11/13. I'm excited about the new look of Etsy and the new features are going to be terrific.
I've also been busy working on my photos. These are always a struggle for me, but this week I think I turned a corner and was able to get some really good photos of some bracelets which in the past have been extremely difficult for me.
Here's one of my "do-overs" and I think it turned out pretty well:

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