Too much rain!

We're having a rough week in the Mid-Atlantic -- Way too much rain! Unfortunately we've found ourselves a victim of the weather. Part of our basement is flooded and this is going to slow down my creating and/or finishing any new pieces for the next 2 weeks. We are all okay and the damage is not huge, but we did have to empty the room and we will need to put down new carpet and baseboards. We're waiting for the insurance adjuster to come and tell us what else will be need to be fixed. I'm not sure about the drywall.

Sadly this is the room I use for working and it is where our main computer is (the one with Photoshop Elements). Until it is working again I won't be able to add any new pieces. All of the items in my shop are available, so please don't stop shopping! :)

OK, back to sucking up water with the wet/dry vac!

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