I'm participating in this fun challenge from the forum on Etsy. One of the members, Lillikoi, who is a creative genius, came up with a terrific idea to spark some creativity amongst the Etsy members. People signed up to be Senders or Makers. If you're a Sender, you put together a package of items for your partner, a Maker. The Maker, once they receive their package, takes the items and makes something from them. The Sender cannot request or give them suggestions. Nor does the Maker have any input on what is included in the package. The Maker can make more than one item and they can add items to what they are sent.

I signed up to be a Sender and a Maker. I mailed my package about a week ago to Grace Fell. She has received her package and is in the creative process -- I can hardly wait to see what she creates!

I'm currently waiting for my package from Eirene. Apparently there is quite a surprise in my package! I can hardly wait to receive, but I'm also a little nervous and hope I'm up to the challenge.

When my package arrives I will let you know what I find!

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